Ho Ho Ho stuck in Snow Snow Snow

This will definitely be a Xmas vacation to remember. Had a great time and tons of fun with family and friends in Houston. Exchanged gifts, had 7 course meals, grilled delicious lamb chops by professional Pearland chef (name not to be disclosed). On our way back to Albany, we were stranded at Newark Liberty International airport in New Jersey because of the blizzard that paralyzed the complete east coast. All the flights, NJ transit, Amtrak, Cabs, Shuttles were canceled, and we were literally experiencing the Movie: “The Terminal”, except that we could go out of the Terminal with no passport-visa restrictions :). All the tri-states were in a state of emergency. Spent the whole night inside the airport looking at the monstrous blizzard cover the whole place with a blanket of snow and were not sure when the flights would be resumed and rescheduled. Although we were told that the roads were not recommended for driving, we decided to rent a car and drive back to Albany. Overall it was a fun and adventurous trip with almost 4 feet of snow and wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. Next time we really have to give a thought if we ever decide to fly in the winter to any place.

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