Milky Frozen Falls

Just heard of the great FALLS frozen a century ago. We were really curious to see and experience what it would be like to be there? We planned a road trip to drive very early in the morning and drive back the same day. Reached the falls finally after 4.5 hours of driving. As we were getting close to the falls we could see the mist in the air from about 10 miles away.

As soon as we started walking towards the below freezing temperature falls they were making roaring noises and the wind chill made it even worse and felt like pinching needles but the scenic beauty made us forget all the chills and enjoy mother nature in its amazing form.

It felt like mother nature was churning out fresh milk since the water and the snow masses around looked pure white in color. We thought the falls would be frozen too, but to our surprise, they weren’t because of their mammoth pressure and force. But the water was camouflaged into the surrounding piles of huge snow covered blocks and mist.

It was really so amazing and mind blowing when we actually had the chance to see up close with the river Niagara frozen and broken into huge cubes of ice and snow.

We also came across these funny binocular covered faces that looked like Eskimo-gizmos. You just have to see it to be there in the moment to experience and believe the stupendous act of nature.


Huge tree branches covered in thick hard snow.

© 2011 . KRL®


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