Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean

Labor day weekend trip to Martha’s Vineyard and Newport, Rhode Island. Two very very exciting places worth visiting.

map map of Martha’s Vineyard

The island amazed us by it’s serene skies and the bright bluish-green oceans, calm at times and noisy waves. We couldn’t  wait any longer so we kick started our journey at 1:00 am in the morning. We wanted to catch the first ferry from Woods Hole to the vineyard so we drove in just 3.5 hrs while the GPS calculated it to be 5 hrs. What a treat for the eyes to watch the “sunrise” over the Atlantic ocean.

It took us  about 45 minutes to reach Vineyard Haven, one of the ferry points on the island. Walked into the visitors center, gathered maps and directions, took the shuttle to go to Oak Bluffs. There we picked up our reserved bikes at local rentals. The last time we rode a bike was back in high school. According to the map it was a 3 mile ride to Edgartown via beach road and so we thought we would reach Edgartown in the next 45 mins but the ride was so beautiful by the ocean listening to the roaring waves, watching people having fun in the waters and little children passing by us on their cute bikes and halting at every scenic spot enjoying mother nature trying to capture in our lens and finally reaching Edgartown in 3 hours.

After lunch in Edgartown, we headed back to Oak Bluffs on our bikes and found a sweet spot to relax by the beach. Had lots of fun in the ocean for about 2 to 3 hours and then took a walk on the beach with the waves raising to touch our feet. We enjoyed every inch of the ride by the ocean. Finally we arrived at the bike rentals, returned them and walked to the dock yard for the ferrry ride to Woods Hole. The time we spent on the island was so memorable and romantic, we never felt like leaving the place.

After we got back to the parking lot we drove another hour to our next destination Newport, Rhone Island.

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