Oktober Adventures

We along with our friends made an early morning foggy day trip to Hudson Region on this Labor Day weekend.

Our first stop was ‘Walkway over the Hudson’ which is 1.28 mile walk bridge overlooking the Hudson river at 212 feet. The early morning walk was so fresh that we could feel the heavy fog and mist touching us as we walked. This bridge paralleled mid-Hudson bridge which was also 70% covered in fog and looked like the SanFrancisco Golden Gate Bridge even though it wasn’t that long. As we walked the fog cleared bringing in bright sunlight and totally turning into a warm sunny and pleasant morning.

By noon it was packed with visitors, bikers and dog walkers. There was a local county fair amusing the visitors. Looked at local arts and crafts and had our lunch in a close by tent listening to the country music.

Our next stop was Apple and Pumpkin picking at Wilklow Orchards.

We love every bit of an apple – its colors, taste, smell and beyond doubts the shape. We were given a map of the farm that had 12 different types of apples (Macintosh, Empire, Golden/Red Delicious etc,.) and rented a small gadget, which looked like a lacrosse stick with a full metal net for picking apples from the trees. We were all set to attack and so started off with the Golden Delicious type and the name justfies it. They were shining with sunlight falling on them and so tasty and delicious that we filled almost half the basket and finally realized we need to save space for the other types too.

As we kept walking the basket was getting heavy. The best part was using the lacrosse like stick to pluck the apples. All you do is, put it underneath the apple you like while holding the apple in the basket and twisting the stick 360 degrees while perfectly landing the apples inside the metal basket. Each time we tried to get a couple of apples, we dropped a few.  In the end we picked about close to 50 apples and ate another 10 apples on the farm. It was fun in the sun.

We were so tired after the 3 hours of ‘pick your own apples’, and just wanted to drive back home as it was really getting hot. But as we passed by pumpkin fields, we couldn’t resist going into the fields to pick one for Halloween.

After a long search of over 100’s of pumpkins in the field to get the right shaped one, we finally found an 8 lbs Mr. Pumpkin.

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