Dandelion Wall Art

On a regular shopping weekend when we walked into a local arts and crafts store, the Dandelion wall art  caught our attention and immediately was placed in our DIY project list.  The piece in the store was made with sea shells. We came up with the idea of using colored stones. The wall art is so simple and yet brings elegance to any room you place it in.

On a weekend while trying to get to the creative side of life from the monotonous routine, we decided to make the dandelion wall art. We bought two equal sized rectangular canvas frames..

two bottles of folk art antique metallic copper and one french vanilla acrylic paint, colored stones and glue.

Brushed thick strokes of metallic copper color paint on both the canvas frames and set aside to dry for an hour.

After the canvases were completely dry, made thin strokes of the dandelion stems and branches overlapping into the next frame with the french vanilla color paint.

The colored stones were then glued to the tips of the branches synchronizing the whole art.

As said earlier it is very simple & easy to make and the final completed Dandelion Wall Art was ready to go on to the wall in just less than 2-3 hrs in our Home Sweet Home (HSH).

We would be happy to hear from you. Do give us a buzz..

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