Colored Bulbs Wreath

Happy Holidays !!

Wall or door or any type of hanging decoration can be made in so many different ways using a variety of holiday decorative material. This year we decided to make a Happy Holidays wreath for our front door hanging decor, using colored Xmas bulbs.

Used different colored Xmas bulbs, Styrofoam board, glue, ribbon banner and tiny colored wrapped gift  boxes.

Cut Styrofoam board into a circular piece and rolled the ribbon banner around it.

Started attaching the colored bulbs one by one with glue, covering the whole circular shape to make a colorful bulb wreath.

Finally glued the tiny gift boxes to the ribbon banner and hung them from the top of the wreath.

It came out to be looking bright and colorful….

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12 thoughts on “Colored Bulbs Wreath

    • Do you see those tiny little gift boxes hanging at the bottom of the wreath..
      Santa left those for us there and he is going off to North Pole 🙂

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