She Sells Sea Shells at the Sea Shore

Today I would like to share an interesting DIY project that’s been long decorating my window. Collectibles are always special and stay close to heart.

Every time we visit a place we buy a souvenir for the trip. After trip to a beach, an idea struck , why don’t we make our own souvenirs for the trip? I have this collection from Pacific ocean to Atlantic ocean including small beaches around. All we did to make them is collect some fine sand, sea shells, pebbles or small stones and that’s it we are ready to make one…

What do you usually do with candle jars after they have been used up? Here is a way to use them- Take one such fancy empty candle jar or a glass. First, fill it up with some fine sand from the beach, add shells to the corners of the glass,and some pebbles over it. To recollect I also place a small placard with the location and year inside the jar.

I also use these DIYs as a coffee table decor by placing a candle in the shells.

So, that is how we ended up filling our kitchen window with souvenirs from different places and they have now become a new addition to our home sweet home (HSH). Hope you guys would like it and try doing one for yourself and if so please do share the experience of making one.

We would be happy to hear from you. Do give us a buzz..

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