My Valentine

I wanted to make something very special this valentine’s day for the love of my life – my dearest ” Hubby “.

Everyday seems so special when love is in air but this time I wanted to show how special it is to me. I always wanted to try Quilling and so started off with it. Since, i was making it for valentine’s day i wanted to make something in a shape of a heart  (wasn’t sure what to make) and so i drew a heart shape on an unused envelope and then cut it to the desired shape.

Selected a few color papers and then made strips out of the paper.

I used a tooth pick to rotate around the paper strip and glued the ends. Tried to make different shapes by pressing around at different points to get desired shapes.

Rolled over the glue stick on the heart and started to place or fill the space accordingly trying to coordinate the colors and filled it around. Just tried to use my imagination of colors and shapes and went on n on.

After the heart was filled wanted to make it little more decorative, so added a few hanging strings with the heart in the end. This is how the end product looked like. It just looked perfect like a love wreath and so is a valentine wreath !!

You can use it as a hanging for a light fixture too..

We would be happy to hear from you. Do give us a buzz..

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