Kodi Guddu Dosa

Making a  dosa (a.k.a crapes) is quite common in southern India and my hubby’s THE most favorite breakfast. He taught me how to make an egg dosa and one fine weekend i decided to surprise him with a plate full of egg dosa’s by the time he got out of bed.

Soak white rice and urad dal and blend the mixture finely to a semi liquid batter, ferment the mixture overnight. Have the batter and eggs ready.

Heat a pan and pour the batter, beat the egg and spread it over the batter, add any kind of spicy powder to taste (i added powder made from garlic, coconut, red chillies and roasted channa dal) and some cilantro, ghee to taste.

As i was preparing the breakfast, my hubby woke up and came into the kitchen as he smelled his favorite Egg Dosa’s.

A small tip ==> if you want your dosa’s to be crispy and reddish brown add very few fenugreek seeds or puffed rice or regular cooked white rice to the blending mixture before fermentation !

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