About our Lens

Our journey began with a memorable meeting for the first time in the “big APPLE” in a ‘New York Minute

One fine day we decided to start blogging through “ourlens360degrees” a.k.a “O360” about our-years together, our passion for food, travel, photography and random interests. We would like to share these moments with you via our blog. You must be wondering about the naming of the blog! Well…the name says it all (capturing through our eyes all that we see in a 360view) and the purple dendrobium orchids hold a special place in our relationship.

Foo.Deli.Cious – our view n style of cooking is mostly without actually measuring the ingredients, but rather adding the right ones’ that usually go into the making of a dish and they turn out to be ‘Bon appetit’ . Try out our Measureless Diets and we assure you will have lots of fun and reasons to enjoy cooking.

Travelography – with all the hustle and bustle in life, we for most part spend weekends and holidays driving and visiting places near and far which doesn’t seem to tire us. Our long drives together for Countless Miles makes every holiday a jollyday.

Picturography – we strongly believe, beauty lies in the eye of the lens-holder’s imagination and a picture is worth a thousand words with Priceless Bytes and memories worth more than a lifetime.

360 and More – our Randomness for things to do as we find time or come across some ideas that we like, trying to make it more creative or to come up with something totally new and exciting to inspire others. So try to do it yourself and discover your creative side.

Feel free to sail through our blog and hopefully you may find some or more of our views in common. Tune in for more updates and stay in touch.

We thank you for visiting and feel free to leave us your comments and thoughts @ pricelessbytesphotography {at} gmail {dot} com.

Also peep into our photography site Priceless Bytes Photography

Live and express your dreams by capturing and creating lovely, beautiful, emotional little things and m e m o r i e s …

lakshmi krishna

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